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A key purpose for this blog is to explore what it means to choose to be a Jesus follower but to question the value and role of the Church, or choose not to be a part of the Church at all. (For purposes of discussion here, I am using the initial cap form of Church to refer to any and all Christian denominations or organizations, in a universal sense.)

When asked about their religious beliefs, at least in North America, many people answer “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.” What does that mean? What does life look like for those who are spiritual but not religious? How does being spiritual but not religious impact the world around us? Does being spiritual but not religious include a belief in and choices based upon moral absolutes? Is a declaration of being spiritual but not religious just a way of keeping anyone from questioning how you live out your beliefs? Is it following Jesus if you’re attempting to live out your beliefs outside of community?

The Church is seen by many as failing to live out the very beliefs it teaches. Is there any longer a purpose for the Church? For those who do see value in the Church and following a Church tradition, how much of that perspective is based on culture or tradition rather than actual belief? What did Jesus mean when He taught that His kingdom had come here on earth? Has the Church become more interested in establishing its influence in human empires rather than joining God’s work in establishing His kingdom? Jesus said His kingdom is established as we serve others. How is the Church serving?

My deepest desire as a Jesus follower is to reflect the image of God. Exploring what that looks like, both as an individual and as part of a group or community, is a journey I definitely believe is worth taking…and one that includes questions such as these.

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  1. Kristi Kernal

    Chrystal, I think that we are amongst a growing population. Initially, when I was feeling these stirrings, longings, dissatisfactions, I was also caught up in the middle of a sexual abuse crisis in connection with my church. Needless to say, there was a lot going on inside of me. It has really taken several years to sort out my feelings and see where I’m at, and why.

    It’s such a long conversation…probably too long for here.

    I first started looking into the home church movement, but never pursued actual involvement. In theory, I like a lot of what it is about.

    I think a few folks from our tradition/denomination that you may know, have also been drawn in this direction: Tom Wymore, Gary Goodell, and Angie Richey.

    We’ll talk more.

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