This I believe…..

Lately I’ve been feeling as though I’ve spent too much time thinking and talking about what I disagree with. Whether it’s been in the Church environment or in my business career, for a variety of reasons I’ve frequently been the person at the table who had a different viewpoint to present. For example I’ve been the one pointing out that God intended men AND women to lead and use the gifts He gave them. My voice has been the one declaring that ALL our employees are smart, competent professionals regardless of whether or not their efforts directly produce revenue. At times I’ve felt overly earnest. (That’s actually a charitable description….a bit more serious than the average person, a little too focused, perhaps lacking in the ability to relax, are others that come to mind.) These past two years have given me the unique and precious opportunity to spend time stepping back from the day-to-day responsibility of leading an organization and focus on reestablishing balance. I’ve also been able to spend more time reading and thinking. I’ve been inspired by articles such as these: (,,, All that to say, in this post I’ve decided to write about what I believe IN.

I believe…..

  • no day is complete until something has made me laugh out loud.
  • time spent with friends sharing food around a table is intrinsic to building relationships and one of the true joys of life.
  • when you educate girls, you fundamentally change a culture for the good.
  • my husband is a fantastic chef, wonderful musician and loving godfather/brother/son.
  • sunrise is a really lovely time of the day, especially when you didn’t have to set an alarm to see it.
  • God creates women with gifts to be used to reflect His image, at home, in the church and in the world. It is only when we superimpose our human cultural understandings that we deny women opportunities to use those gifts.
  • coffee tastes great regardless of the temperature at which it’s served….even room temp (my husband, great coffee lover that he is, has yet to see the wonders of tepid coffee)!
  • Father Christmas is WAY better than Santa Claus, no competition.
  • disagreeing with someone, even vehemently, is no excuse for being disrespectful to that person.
  • Star Trek:Deep Space Nine is a seriously underappreciated series.
  • worship is far more than singing songs together, and it’s certainly more than watching the worship band “perform” on Sunday mornings. We worship God with our actions, reflecting His image. We also worship God when we collectively declare the truth of who He is and the wonders of His actions on our behalf. Being able to make these declarations as we sing is a bonus.
  • the most beautiful pieces of music in opera, excluding arias, are the trio from “Cosi fan tutte,” the duet from “The Pearl Fishers,” and the slave chorus from “Nabucco.”
  • we who have more are to be giving to those who have less. This is just one way we can reflect God’s image. This is not an unreasonable expectation.
  • the best chocolate is dark and bittersweet. This is not open to discussion.
  • there are plenty of options for teaching children that do not include “spanking.”
  • in treating people as though they are capable of being the best version of themselves, because they are much more likely to BE that person when you believe they can.
  • life should be lived with a soundtrack.
  • you do not have to experience something firsthand to have insight into the situation and wisdom to offer.
  • sometimes it IS better to ask for permission rather than forgiveness….but only sometimes.


I'd love to hear your thoughts....