1. I love the clematis photo! Isn’t it incredible what those flowers can do? We have 3 vines that haven’t been tended well the past few years, and yet they were still stunning. I did just prune them back though, so I can’t wait to see them next year! 🙂

    • They are amazing plants! We have several different varieties and every year I enjoy the blaze of colour they make. If yours are like ours, after pruning them they should come back even stronger next year. 🙂

  2. OH my goodness. I love Henri Nouwen but I’ve never heard that quote before. I ADORE it. Jesus is continually reminding me lately to be gentle with myself. To receive the gentleness of His heart toward me. This is so congruent with my current journey — thankful for these words today. <3

    • You are welcome, Dana! I’m so glad my words resonated with you today. We get so hard on ourselves, don’t we. Glad you’re hearing the voice of Jesus encouraging you to treat yourself as gently as he would. <3

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