1. Michele A. Gutierrez

    A couple months ago Psalm 46:10 caught my attention: Be Still and Know that I am God. Then last week my pastor, Chip Ingram, spoke about that very verse meaning “cease striving, knock it off, shut up, lay down your stuff.” “It’s not me plus something or my idea of how it will work out. God calls me to come on His terms because He is God and not me. Don’t try to cut a deal. I can’t solve this marriage problem, make cancer leave my body or make Isis quit beheading people. Jesus lives inside of me & other believers. Christians will be able to help me in ways I can’t believe. Our independent spirit puts on a phased & I don’t get help.”

  2. I love this because I’ve been pondering rest this week. We were made for rest. God did the major, heavy duty work. Why is resting so hard? I sometimes feel like I have to fight to rest, but I think it’s worth the fight. I want more shalom.

    • I so get that, Marvia. It seems resting should come naturally, but so often doesn’t. I know for me our surrounding culture of “go, go, go” doesn’t help. I want more shalom, too!

  3. Oh, yes. Such wisdom in these words. Why is rest so hard to embrace (until we’re made to?) It’s especially hard when I feel like I’m way behind on life, or behind the times, or just, I don’t know, feeling that urgency to catch up with all the things. I’m pretty sure the goal is a moving target. Rest is counter-intuitive, but it’s the only way to keep living a fulfilling life. It’s a spiritual discipline, really, reminding ourselves to stop and just “be.”

    • Exactly, Jamie!! I think it’s very easy to get caught up in a belief that we have “to do” to prove our worth or earn our place in God’s regard. I have to constantly remind myself to rest, to be still. (sigh) 🙂

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