1. I want to write a wrap up to my 31 days of writing experience, too. Maybe next week. 😉

    I’ve wondered about having a blogging schedule. Your schedule sounds doable and interesting.

    BTW – I lived in Canada in 74-76. I graduated from high school there. I LOVED it: the people, the beauty, the culture, the idioms.

    • I’m trying to create a blogging schedule that is frequent enough to feel fresh. I know writing every day is not something I can sustain long term, but writing a few times a week seems reasonable. We’ll see. 😉

      I’ve enjoyed my time in Canada. The people are lovely and the Commonwealth influences are so interesting (for example, Queen Elizabeth is on the $20 bill). There are things I still don’t understand, though. Why would anyone sell milk in plastic bags?? 😉
      Sounds like you had a great experience here!

  2. I, too learned a lot from the #write31days challenge! I kind of joined on a whim, but now I see that God had a lot for me to learn. I’ve also discovered that when I take photos now, I frame them in my mind with graphics for the blog or a Bible verse or something ;). You should consider linking your Monday soul-tending posts to Inspire Me Mondays –just the sort of thing we’re looking for :)!

    • I understand about your perspective on taking photos with the blog in mind…I find I’m doing that more and more. 🙂

      Thank you for the suggestion about linking up with Inspire Me Mondays!

  3. This is lovely! Thank you for sharing about your experience with the 31 Days challenge. Mine was quite similar to yours! I had always been one of those “write when you want to” kinds of bloggers, because I didn’t think I needed a schedule. After participating in 31 Days, I saw how much that regularity benefited my writing, so I decided to start making a post every Monday, and I may add in another day as well.

    Anastasia Rose

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