Seasons change

The annual battle with the locust tree leaves has begun. Daily, sometimes twice a day, I arm myself with a broom and attempt to stay ahead of the tiny falling leaves before they completely cover the deck and walkway. This can mean only one thing. The season has changed and it’s officially fall. The calendar may indicate an earlier start date, but falling locust leaves are the indisputable herald of the season.

I love fall. I always have. There is an energy in the air that feels fresh and new, vibrant with possibilities for change and adventure, much more so than either the calendar new year in January or the seasonal new year in spring. I anticipate seeing fresh perspectives, perhaps as a result of years of beginning a new school year in the fall. Or perhaps the Jewish calendar has it right and the new year actually begins in the fall, after weeks of quiet reflection during the preceding month of Elul, preparing one’s mind and heart to make appropriate changes in the coming year.

Working from home has many advantages. Staring at a computer for hours on end becomes almost vacation-like when you’re sitting outside on the deck, enjoying sunshine and birds singing. The deck overlooks a lovely garden that Tim and I enjoy tending and the setting is quite pleasant. This morning as I did battle with the locust leaves, I mused about how little time I’ve spent outside over the summer. The thing is I had very good intentions at the beginning of the season. I spent a lot of time on the deck and in the garden. However, as the season progressed, I found more and more reasons to be doing other things. I’d think to myself the weather was uncomfortably hot, or there were errands to run, or some of the paperwork I needed was on my desk in my office and it was too much trouble to gather it up and take it outside with me, or the wasps (or other natural irritants) were too annoying to concentrate effectively outside. The list goes on. And so here I am at the closing of the season, realizing how many opportunities I’ve missed to enjoy the sunshine and the birdsong. [Read more…]